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NemoScout 1C Transponder


NemoScout 1C Transponder


NemoScout is a simple-to-use long-range portable transponder providing continuous collision avoidance monitoring of conflicting aircraft and most man-made obstacles.

NemoScout integrates a flight data recorder with altimeter and precision attitude heading reference system (AHRS) built-in and when optionally used with our ground station provides long-range real-time fleet tracking capabilities and automated flight log download without data service fees. 


  • Integrated transponder with visual and verbal collision alert for conflicting aircraft*
  • Visual and verbal collision alert for most man-made obstacles in excess of 200ft tall
  • Flight data recorder with built-in GPS, altimeter and AHRS
  • Improve situational awareness in the circuit and en-route with the click of a button
  • Online real-time tracking and notification when within range of a base-station
  • Visibility of ADS-B and select Mode-C traffic when within 16nm of a base-station
  • Determine the closest four aerodromes based on your current position and track. Provides magnetic course, distance and duration to destination.
  • While on the ground, determine aerodrome† elevation, required altimeter setting and current density altitude.
  • During an in-flight emergency, activate the emergency mode to automatically cause other aircraft* operating within range to track, store and periodically announce your position in real-time.
  • Connect your smartphone and view a trac map of aircraft* surrounding your position in real-time


  • 1 x NemoScout 1C Transponder (TA105C) with integrated Li-Ion battery
  • 1 x Suction Cup Mount (TA1005)
  • 1 x GoPro Swivel Mount with adhesive pad (TA1011)
  • 1 x 1.5m USB charging cable (TA1006)
  • 1 x Audio Y-cable (TA1007)